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Management and financial accounting

Through a careful analysis of economical and financial indicators it provides a real vision of the company.

In cases where a General Ledger, which is required by law, is not present, this method would be the only way to proceed with business.

With the aid of appropriate Reports this method helps to interpret the existing Data of each Company and provides guidelines for a sensible management; furthermore, it provides a correct reading of what consequently derives from its operations.

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Management Consulting

A consultant, certified by Domestic and International bodies, meets the relevant requirements of character, qualifications, experience, competence and independence.
Management Consultant, certified by international bodies, has the appropriate skills to observe the company as a whole and to intervene in his specific fields of expertise, not overlooking all other ones and, upon request, can recommend other colleagues with appropriate professional skills.
The UNI, Italian body of Unification, published three fundamental guidelines regarding management consulting: i.e. # 10771, # 11067 and # 11166.

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Business Model Evaluation

Business Model Evaluation

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CMC Consultant

The representative of this practice is a professional individual and a CMC Consultant.
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The CMC certification represents the credentials of a management consultant, recognized and accepted by the world’s leading Nations.


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Each company holds all the data (often duplicated, redundant and scattered everywhere) necessary to provide the appropriate answers for every business need. Path analysis allows a company to coordinate them and make them understandable, practical and synthetic.

The Management Consultant

The management consultant holds a important role in the field communication and coordination, towards the different areas, regarding short and medium-term strategies.

Customers' Area

In this Area, with secure access, each Customer can access all relevant reports that affect their company.