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The consulting
The consultant's function is to work closely together with the company, bringing his competencies and experiences to the table; and ensuring that the entrepreneur can pursue their goals in the best possible manner.
The interventions are in the economic and financial fields of the company:
  • To coordinate the budgets of the Companies’ various departments: i.e. Management, Finance, Manufacturing, Purchasing and Sales, in order to comply with the expectations of income defined by the Company.
  • To submit to the entrepreneur and the Companies’ areas: parameters, options and investment simulations, Costs, Manufacturing and Sales able to rectify, during the year, the strategies in accordance with the ever-changing Market conditions.
During the year, usually quarterly but preferably monthly:
  • There are checks to ensure that: the predicted income is being pursued correctly and periodic reviews of the initial objectives, reevaluating all of the possible directions to take.
  • To ensure to set and bring the Management Control, making sure it is adequate to communicate, in real time, all information necessary as the General Management to adapt as quickly as possible, appropriate strategies.
Therefore he occupies an important function of communication and coordination towards the different business areas, regarding short and medium term strategies.


Each company holds all the data (often duplicated, redundant and scattered everywhere) necessary to provide the appropriate answers for every business need. Path analysis allows a company to coordinate them and make them understandable, practical and synthetic.

The Management Consultant

The management consultant holds a important role in the field communication and coordination, towards the different areas, regarding short and medium-term strategies.

Customers' Area

In this Area, with secure access, each Customer can access all relevant reports that affect their company.