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The process
It’s difficult to produce these reports without advanced proceedings.

To obtain necessary and essential ones, we use the most advanced analysis criteria today on the market.

Knowledge of the main ERP software allows us, given the outsourcing operating, the following:

  • To read data from all main ERP and, if it were a new software not yet analyzed, it will be possible, with the help of our engineers and consultants of the manufacturers, to prepare the necessary interventions
  • To produce the standard Report and others possibly if required
  • To complete all necessary analysis until obtain desired result

Our team is attentive to the phenomena and strives to evolve at all times, with constant updates and new results will be available to new Customers and to those already acquired.

The commitment will aim to make possible, in the near future, the integration directly "on site" with the Enterprise’s software in use.



Each company holds all the data (often duplicated, redundant and scattered everywhere) necessary to provide the appropriate answers for every business need. Path analysis allows a company to coordinate them and make them understandable, practical and synthetic.

The Management Consultant

The management consultant holds a important role in the field communication and coordination, towards the different areas, regarding short and medium-term strategies.

Customers' Area

In this Area, with secure access, each Customer can access all relevant reports that affect their company.