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The UNI Standards
It remains the question and the legitimate doubt: where to find these powers?

The UNI (Italian Body of unification) has recently pass three Rules,

10771 revised in 2003, the 11067 and 11166, which can help in this research.

  • The first norm concerns the advice of professionals or company proposals and calls for the standardization of the offers in order to make them easily comparable in terms of content, tasks and costs.
  • The second relates to the criteria of delivering the service, in which you can evaluate skills policy
  • The third sets out the guidelines for choosing a consultant by the company concerned.

We believe that, with these opportunities and information, each Company concerned has a sufficient landscape orientation to the world of consulting and management to choose and compare different offers.

Download the deepening about UNI Standards



Each company holds all the data (often duplicated, redundant and scattered everywhere) necessary to provide the appropriate answers for every business need. Path analysis allows a company to coordinate them and make them understandable, practical and synthetic.

The Management Consultant

The management consultant holds a important role in the field communication and coordination, towards the different areas, regarding short and medium-term strategies.

Customers' Area

In this Area, with secure access, each Customer can access all relevant reports that affect their company.