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Studio Albis operates as a Consultant since 1983 in a small enterprises in the specific field of Planning, Control and Economic and Financial Strategies.
The holder is a professional, CMC CMC Certified in Finance and Control fields (Special Planning and strategy) by apco, the National Association of Management Consultants and Organization; Italian branch of ICMCI (International Council of Management Consultant Institutes ).

Within this Association, witch was National Adviser, he held seminars for colleagues about strategies, Cost Control, Budget and Planning.

Spoke in conferences on topics of current Economic-finance as well as Category Associations.

He examines, at the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, candidates aspiring the position of Surveyors and Experts for the Province of Turin.

Accredited as a provider of services at the regional financial Finpiemonte Spa.

Already a expert in the Court of Turin.

Former Chairman of the Commission for IT development Lions Club International, District 108 IA 1.

Former Member of the Board of Directors National apco, now member of the Board of Auditors.

International experience on behalf of the Department of Foreign Trade.

Teacher since 1992 to training courses for entrepreneurs in the following areas:

  • Strategy & Planning Corporate Finance
  • Project Management
  • Analysis of Costs and Cost Accounting
  • Statement Analysis
The team consists of analysts, software programmers and experts, and use appropriate work with professionals in different sectors (Commercial, Legal, Marketing, Foreign Markets and primary private equity firms), if it deems necessary.

You can find the complete CV at www.apcoitalia.it

Business Model Evaluation

Business Model Evaluation

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The representative of this practice is a professional individual and a CMC Consultant.
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The CMC certification represents the credentials of a management consultant, recognized and accepted by the world’s leading Nations.


Address: Via Lesegno 73
Municipality: Torino (To)
Zip Code: 10136
Country: Italy
Telephone: +39 011 19711876
E-Mail: info@studioalbis.it
Web site: www.studioalbis.it


Each company holds all the data (often duplicated, redundant and scattered everywhere) necessary to provide the appropriate answers for every business need. Path analysis allows a company to coordinate them and make them understandable, practical and synthetic.

The Management Consultant

The management consultant holds a important role in the field communication and coordination, towards the different areas, regarding short and medium-term strategies.

Customers' Area

In this Area, with secure access, each Customer can access all relevant reports that affect their company.